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We handle all types of criminal defense cases: violent crimes, drug cases, DUI defense and DUI related crimes, sex crimes and appeals from criminal convictions.

Bill Bartz is a former police officer of a South Bay police department and based on his knowledge of police procedures is very effective at identifying errors made by police officers in conducting searches or making illegal arrrests.. He has been very successful in challenging illegal searches in court and getting the evidence suppressed and the case dismissed. Bill Bartz’s success in getting evidence suppressed has been recognized by many defense attorneys who have solicited his assistance in drafting motions to suppress on behalf of their clients.

Based on Bill Bartz’s 54 years of experience working in the criminal justice system, he knows how to get good results for his clients.

Bill Bartz’s efforts in the appellate courts have resulted in reversal of criminal convictions in murder, robbery and Three Strikes cases.

Bill Bartz is highly regarded by judges, prosecutors, and other attorneys, and his former clients often recommend him to their family and friends. Many of the people he represents were referred to him by others who had a good experience at his firm.

At his criminal defense law firm in Torrance, he treat all his clients with professionalism and respect. For his legal team, respect means honesty. He is honest with clients about the consequences they face. He tells them up front what the likely outcome may be, and he helps them understand exactly how the evidence will stack up in court.

He then fights hard to achieve the best possible results. This often means bringing in private investigators and experts to help him build a strong defense. He visits the scene of the alleged crime. He interviews witnesses, collects evidence and makes strong legal arguments.

Throughout each case, he provides personal attention and unwavering support, and he does his best to protect and defend his clients' rights — from the moment he takes their cases until matters are resolved favorably.


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